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Me before
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Day number two

Today was surprisingly easy. But already being a vegan/vegetarian is probably making it easier. I had the same smoothie for breakfast today as I did yesterday. Banana, pineapple, and spinach. Then a couple hours later I had some grapes. I had Tomato Soup that I made just putting cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, seasonings, garlic and water into a blender until it was nice a smooth. It was delicious. I then had a banana with nut butter for an afternoon snack. Which is one of my favorite snacks. I had also brought a grapefruit in to work but did not eat it.

I really wasn't super hungry throughout the day. When I was hungry I ate.

When I got home from work my juicer had been delivered. I was so excited I unpacked it and got right to work making some apple juice. It was so delicious. It was just like biting into the actual apple. My oldest son and his girlfriend tried it and loved it. My husband who I thought would love it was just sort of okay with it. My youngest son wouldn't even try it. Oh well his loss. Tomorrow morning I am going to make some grapefruit juice. I LOVE grapefruit juice. I cannot wait.

I did start with a slight headache this afternoon about the same time as yesterday but today it has gotten really bad. I am laying down now while typing this hoping it will go away.

I had the rest of the tomato soup for dinner tonight. I was still hungry so I had a banana with nut butter. Now I feel pleasantly satisfied.

We had birthday cupcakes for two employees and I didn't even feel slightly tempted in having one.

I did step on the scale this morning. I must tell you that I am a scale-a-holic. I weigh myself every morning. I cannot help myself. I used to be much worse. I could not sleep at night if I did not weigh myself before going to bed. And it would not be unusual for me to weigh myself several times throughout the day. But I made myself stop that. But I do still do it every morning. I was down to 190.6. That was awesome. That was a 1.2 loss just overnight. It really inspired me and was affirmation that this is the right choice for me.

It feels so great to feel like I am in control again.

I did not walk today. I wish I had but my head just hurts so bad I just need to close my eyes and hopefully it will subside enough that I can go for one soon. If not there is always tomorrow.

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