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Me before
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Three

Today was another huge success. I started it out with a pretty intense headache. But I took some medicine and it subsided significantly and never came back.

I learned a huge lesson this morning. I decided to make some grapefruit juice with my new juicer. By the way it is a Jack Lalane juicer. So far I love it. Anyways, I read the paperwork that came with it and it said you could juice grapefruit and oranges with the whole rind. Well, I am here to tell you DO NOT juice these with the rind. I juiced three grapefruit and got about two cups of juice. I LOVE grapefruit juice so I guzzled it right down. It tasted good going down but as soon as I finished it I got this awful bitter taste in my mouth. And I could feel this terrible burning in my throat and stomach. The bitter taste was just awful. I tried to brush my teeth to get rid of it. But I kept burping it up and actually ended up throwing most of it up. That was just as bad as the bitterness from drinking it. I had to brush my teeth three time to get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth. I kept the bitter taste though until I was just about to work. I have about a thirty minute drive to work. So I definitely learned a very valuable lesson.

I really was not very hungry at all today. I had the same smoothie today as the last two days. Which I still love. Then I had a spinach soup that was de-lish. I don't have the recipe right here but it is basically spinach, cucumber juice, cashews all blended together until smooth. It was really good. I ended up just drinking it for lunch. It is very much like a juice so it was easier to drink. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Dinner was awesome also. It was stuffed tomatoes. Man was it good. I will post the recipe tomorrow but it was stuffed with celery, jicama, scallions, and a mustard sort of dressing. It was absolutely delicious.

I am very surprised how well this is going. I am assuming it is because I was vegan/vegetarian. It is a relief to know it not so bad. I am very pleasantly surprised.

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