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Me before
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Full Day

Well the first full day has been a success. I ended up having the Walnut Basil Pesto and Veggies for lunch and dinner. It is now gone though. I really do love it. I love basil and walnuts so it is a no brainer that I would. I have not eaten nearly as much as I would have in my normal day of eating prior to giving the raw eating a try. I am concerned that I am not eating enough. I have had trouble in the past with not eating enough and not losing weight but actually gaining. I just was not very hungry though. I will just see how it goes.

I read through Susan Powers blog on her 21 day Challenge on doing 100% raw last February and it really inspired me and has made me even more committed to this raw eating lifestyle. I am going to do the same thing and at least stay 100% raw for 21 days. That is a good beginning. Hopefully I will remain just as focused and continue on. If I have nearly the results she had then I will definitely continue on.  The link for this blog is

Tomorrow will be a challenge as it is my 24th wedding anniversary. My husband and I usually go out to dinner to celebrate but I told him earlier today that we would not be able to this year. It is just to soon after starting this "challenge". I need to give this my full focus for the next 21 days. Then hopefully I will be able to venture out. It is already tough enough just finding something vegan in a restaurant. Finding something "raw" will be nearly impossible. I could go for a salad but I need to research what dressings are considered raw before going out to eat in a restaurant. I just do not feel ready for it. Tomorrow will also be a challenge because I will be at work. I tend to work ten hour days so I will have ton really think about what I am going to bring to make sure I have enough food.  I will be sure to bring fruit to munch on if I need something.  And some nut butter.

I am going to have a apple with nut butter on it before going to bed tonight. I have been thinking about having that all day but have just not gotten around to it. First I was watching the movie "Soul Surfer" (high recommend but a real tear jerker) and then my mother-in-law came to visit. Then I was hungry and it was dinner time so I had the rest of the walnut pesto and veggies. I LOVE apples and any sort of nut butter. I also need to research if the do it yourself peanut butter at our local green grocers is raw or not. I am thinking not as I am seeing on other websites that they only mention cashew and almond nut butters.

So all in all day one has been a huge success. Tomorrow will be interesting as I am sure any withdrawal symptoms I am going to have will start tomorrow.  I do have a bit of a headache, really just being on the verge of one.  This is not necessarily a withdrawal type symptom though.

Oh and my husband and I went for a walk today.  My back issues really flare up with alot of walking.  It was less then a mile but was plenty to start with.  I hope to increase my walking everyday.  It is a far cry from where I was a year ago, but it is better then what I did yesterday, which was nothing.  For now, that is enough for me.  It is a beginning.

Looking foward to day 2.  :)

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